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Donate to cleaning up the ocean

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Is your total order amount just below the free shipping limit of €30?

Then it might be advantageous to add this donation to your order once or twice, so that the order amount reaches the free-shipping limit.

If your order amount is €30 or more, we will ship your order for free and donate your contribution to the great cleanup of the ocean.

Thank you for your support to make the world a little better!

Why are we doing this?

1) We deeply admire the initiative of Boyan Slat to clean up the Ocean, and bring please bring this to your attention.

2) We realize that it is quite annoying if you are just one or two euros below the free-shipping limit, and then still go over it due to shipping costs.

Therefore this opportunity to donate for free-shipping.

It should be noted that we are completely independent and are not supported or sponsored by any charitable organization.

Photo credits: "The Ocean Cleanup"