About Jumpmaster

Jump rope and Jumpmaster

When you think of skipping ropes about schoolyards and children jumping rope, you will be disappointed. Jumping rope has left that image behind for some time. Jumping rope is simply a very effective and accessible way to train your body in a complete way. It is a very effective strength training where you train your entire body in one go and you also work on your endurance in a nice way. And you can really do rope jumping anywhere and it is suitable for young and old!


Jumpmaster has been set up with that passion for jumping rope as a workout to let the whole of the Netherlands jump. The people behind Jumpmaster see rope jumping as the ultimate and accessible workout. Because as we said, it is suitable for young and old and you can do it anywhere. We even offer short online rope jumping sessions. This way you can participate in this online workout as a welcome break from working at home and 15 minutes remotely.

Jump rope

Your basis for starting rope jumping is of course the skipping rope itself! And what kind of rope you want depends primarily on what you want. At Jumpmaster you will find skipping ropes that are effective and simple to use. If you are going for a new double under record, you will certainly not find what you are looking for with us. With us you will find the beauty of simplicity and the fun of an accessible workout that you can do anytime and anywhere.


Have you ever seen a professional boxer jump rope? Someone like Floyd Mayweather? Really impressive how this man can jump rope. The rope, a PVC rope with direct connection, with which he jumps in this YouTube movie  has recently become available in the Netherlands.

And now let's get started

And now to get started, just grab your skipping rope every day and jump for a few minutes! And to make sure you don't miss a moment, it's best to hang your rope in a conspicuous place. Every time you walk by you feel the temptation.


Do you have any questions, or do you want more information? Please contact us via the contact form. We are happy to help you.