Determine the correct length of your skipping rope

The most frequently asked question about skipping ropes: What is the correct length?

If you are about to purchase a skipping rope, it is especially important to avoid ordering a skipping rope that is too short. For most people, the standard size of 10ft is sufficient, which is approximately 305 cm. But if you are 1.95 meters or longer, we recommend a rope length of 11 ft, or approximately 335 cm.

We use the size chart below as a guideline to determine the  minimum rope length. Most skipping ropes are adjustable in length and can therefore easily be shortened.

Body length minimum length of skipping rope
120cm to 145cm 213cm (7ft)
145 to 160cm 244cm (8ft)
160 to 180cm 274cm (9ft)
180 to 195 cm 305cm (10ft)
longer than 195 cm 335cm (11ft)



Once you have received your new skipping rope, you are faced with the challenge of setting the correct length. Not too short and not too long.

What you should especially not is take the size chart and cut your rope. Nothing is more annoying than a shortage of cut skipping rope. Okay, a bit of an exaggeration because of course there are worse things, but you get my point.

The correct length of a skipping rope is unique for everyone. Moreover, this may differ from situation to situation. You have your own specific physique, your own way of jumping and over time you may develop a different jumping technique.

Also keep in mind that sometimes you jump with thick shoe soles and sometimes with your socks.

Our advice: knot your rope

Stand with one foot on the center of your skipping rope, pull your rope tight and hold the handles up.
Ga met één voet op het midden van het springtouw staan en houd de handgrepen omhoog

The intention is that the lower part of the handle (ie where rope and handle are connected) come to chest height at the height of the nipple, with a margin of 3 cm above or below. For beginners prefer a little longer, if you are advanced then it may be a little shorter.

If the rope is too long, make a knot in the rope just in front of one of the handles. Use preferably the so-called eight knot.


Still too long? Then tie another knot at the other handle.

maak een knoop dicht bij de handgreep


When you're ready, you're ready to jump. Experience how it feels, experiment once by shortening your rope with an extra knot or make it a little longer by removing a knot. This way you experience the right length yourself and you can always adjust it again.

If you can adjust your rope with 1 to 3 knots to the right length in all situations, then your skipping rope is good.

If your skipping rope looks like crochet, you can cut a piece off. And if the handles come to your navel, then it's time for a new skipping rope.


Do you have other questions? Let us know and send a message via the contact form. You'll hear from us soon.

Have fun, jump everyday and keep the stress away.