Skipping rope 15 minutes at Sport Center West Friesland

Jumping is healthy for body and mind, which is why I recently started teaching a 15-minute jump rope workout at Sport Centrum West Friesland, the so-called skipping rope quarter. If you're in the area on Saturday or Wednesday, come and join us.

Started this morning with 6 enthusiastic participants and practiced various ways of jumping, Then two laps in tabata format, that is: 7 sets of 20 seconds work with 10 seconds of active rest, then one minute of rest and then another . Do you still get it? I don't, therefore at the bottom of this page a table to clarify it.

Below the program in detail so that you can do this 15-minute workout yourself at home:

Jump rope fifteen minutes
First take it easy at your own pace for a minute: jump with two feet at the same time... jump...jump. This is mainly to experience the length of the rope and adjust it if necessary. When everyone has set the correct length, we will start with various jumping exercises to master the movement:

  1. We start with the base, just jump 30 seconds with both feet at the same time and on each jump the rope goes under once. Make sure you twist the rope with your wrist and forearm, and not with the whole arm.
  2. Then we make a noiseless transition to  one leg on the right:  we raise the left foot and jump on the right leg (30 sec)
  3. and switch legs, one leg left: so raise right foot and jump on left leg (30 sec.)
  4. Alternately: alternate legs, jump to the left, jump to the right and so on (30 sec.)
  5. Two for two; Jump twice on the left, jump twice on the right and repeat for 30 seconds.
  6. Hocks buttocks  alternately around your left heel and then your right heel towards your buttocks as you jump over the rope.
  7. Knees high: Alternate left knee and right knee lift as you jump over the rope (30 sec.)
  8. and finally one  double under...and if that still doesn't work, keep trying. Before you know it jump the rope twice in one go.

Time for a sip of water and then on to the Tabatas: Here we do similar exercises but then 20 seconds with 10 seconds of active rest in between. In active rest we swing the rope in a figure of eight, from left to right and around us, also known as the side swing. After 7 x 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of active rest, we have one full minute to regulate heart rate and breathing again… and then another round at a pace.